MCBN Guide to Bar Hopping in Brazil


With World Cup fever in the air (we can’t  bloody wait for it) , Brazil will be the destination for some of you lucky folks (any space in suitcases?), so in true MCBN style, we thought we’d do some digging and bring you some of the best bars in arguably the most famous of the Brazilian cities, Rio de Janiero.

Lets be honest, when you not on the awesome beaches or watching the games during the day (again, space in suit cases would be appreciated), you will be looking for a cheeky drink and/or party in South American style 🙂 Of course, no list is complete without an old faithful Irish pub 😉

So here you go, MCBN Guide to Bar Hopping in Brazil:

Academia da Cachaca

Academia da Cachaca
Boasting at least 500 variations of the Brazilian spirit cachaca, drink your choice of the potion either straight, as traditional Caiparinhas, or as colourful fruity concoctions by barmen who are quite clearly pass masters. We’d recommend trying the passion-fruit Caiparinha with real bits of fruit floating inside. The Academia da Cachaca is our kinda academy!

Bar d Hotel

Bar d’Hotel
This is a more upmarket spot for you glamorous types. You’ll be torn between staring at the beautiful ocean view, or the fashionable customers who frequent the venue. Enjoy it all while sipping on potent, inventive creations such as the Sake Caipirinha or the Champagne cocktail with a lemon sorbet mixer, one that proves to be particularly popular.

Bar do Copa

Bar do Copa
It could be said that this bar is pure Rio. You’ll find Bar do Copa based inside the Copacabana Hotel and beside its main pool with an atmosphere that is a stylish alternative to many neighbouring bars. Its setting is anything but understated and its cocktails are a reflection of this. It’s a flashy club that’s worth checking out, and it stays open until the early hours of the morning. The way we like it.


Waxy’s Bar
There is quite possibly no city on earth without an Irish bar, and Waxy’s is Brazil’s edition. Waxy’s is more stylish than the average Irish pub, the staff are friendly, the food’s great, and they make a mean cocktail. Try the bright blue Bullfrog if you need a pick-me-upper, or for something more mellow, they do an excellent caipirinha.


Rio Scenarium
Take a club, a restaurant and an antiques warehouse, and roll them all up into one three floor building. You now have the Rio Scenarium. Filled with the hypnotic rhythms of samba forró and gafieira and frequented by the best of Brazil’s musicians, this place often draws a large crowd. Its wine selection is as vast as its décor style and with all manner of objet d’art – clocks, radios, even mannequins gracing the bar, we assure you, this is a wide selection.
So if you’re heading to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup, you now know where to spend the rest of your time. If you aren’t fortunate enough to be heading to Brazil, you’ll definitely be missing out on some fantastic watering holes.

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