Mayweather vs Pacquiao confirmed for 2nd May 2015


The moment that all boxing fans have been waiting for appears to finally have arrived, with Mayweather vs Pacquiao confirmed for 2nd May 2015. A source close to Pacman had this to say to UK news source The Telegraph:

Manny has 100 percent signed his side of the deal. It is now up to Mayweather to close the deal and announce the fight.

Manchester born, boxing badboy Ricky Hatton even went as far as booking flights and a stay in at the venue over 2nd May. The fight is rumoured to be worth $250 million and is scheduled to take place at MGM Grand in Las Vegas this May (which doesn’t leave too much time for both fighters to make sure they’re fight ready). Unfortunately for all of us, The Telegraph is the same news source that often announces things like Lionel Messi being signed by Manchester United (which clearly isn’t true), so until I see an announcement from Money Mayweather I’m not going to get overly excited.

I do think Money Mayweather has the edge, but you never know – on the night Pacman might end up schooling him.

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