MAY #JoziWineRoute Parkhurst – Wednesdays Will Never Be The Same Again

MAY #JoziWineRoute Parkhurst - Wednesdays Will Never Be The Same Again

For those of us that choose to reside in the lovely province of Gauteng, wine is super expensive when compared to other parts of the country, which makes us really, really sad. Thankfully, there is still a strong love for the fruit of the vine up here, which makes the experience of getting wine drunk with friends so much more bearable. The #JoziWineRoute will hit the streets of 4th Avenue in Parkhurst one more time.

The whole event is aimed at wine tasting and discovering new favourites to take along to mate’s houses as accompanyments for dinner fare.Block out Wednesday, 3 May from 6pm until 9pm – you’ve got a #WineWednesday date to look forward to. Limited Early Birds are available for R200 via Quicket, get yours before they’re sold out –

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