Max Respect To A Legend – R.I.P Steve Jobs

What a sad day in the tech and design world and will there ever be another Steve Jobs?

Not only did he change the way software worked, but the hardware too. I implore you all to go watch The Pirates of Silicone valley which will give you a great insight into how it all began with Steve and Bill.
Apples landing page says it all with such a power picture (above). No words, just the man, the legend and the visionary.

Just got to and see what some of the other big players of the tech world have had to say.

While some of you may be wondering why I have posted this along with the rest of the world, I know why I am… It’s because as I type this, I am blogging from a MacBook Pro, I tweet and Instagram from an Iphone and I dock my iPhone into a Bose, and he allowed me to look awesome while doing it with Apple being the design company it is through his vision. Just look on any Apple product, designed in California. Thats what they are and thats what he created, a brilliant design company.

So not only did the rest of the world lose someone, so did I, and so did all of you. If you have seen, touched, used, been in awe of or even dreamt of an Apple product, you fall in this category.
Let’s hope that his vision continues and that that Apple takes us forward like it has done for years.

See below for 2 great videos!

Max Respect To A Legend!

Apple Steve Jobs The Crazy Ones – NEVER BEFORE AIRED 1997

Steve Jobs Stanford Commencement Speech 2005

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