Max Hurrell remixes the Government and it’s the best thing you’ll hear today

Can we all agree that while South Africa is taking the virus seriously, we’re also dominating the COVID-19 meme championship? Memes of Jackon Mthembu, NDZ and el Presendinte Cyril Ramphosa flood our timelines before a single national address is even over, like the iconic creations which popped up moments after Cyril fumbled with his mask during his address on level 4 lockdown regulations which created a landslide of content.

Much the same, musicians and comedians are taking advantage of all the hype like the endless stream of parodies piling up on The Kiffness’s page or Schalk Bezuidenhout’s daily lockdown video diary.

As the weekend unfolded, the government gave content creators so much more to work with. Local DJ and producer, Max Hurrell had a go at remixing some of the most memorable moments from our official addresses. First, he released NDZ ‘zol speech’ where she infamously took a cigarette ban and overturned the president, angering a whole nation with one speech.

WHEN PEOPLE ZOL 😂😂 What have I done 🤣

Posted by Max Hurrell on Friday, 1 May 2020

And then remixed Jackson Mthembu’s slip up during his talk about PPE equipment where said South Africa needed more vibrators instead of ventilators. Although, credit to Mathembu, who took it on the chin and apologised for it 24 hours later.


Posted by Max Hurrell on Sunday, 3 May 2020

Someone even made a ZOL pie to thank Max for the epic work he did this weekend…

Image may contain: food

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