Mavericks Caberet Xtravangza

Ricky and I were invited the opening of the Maverick’s Caberet Xtravaganza. Unfortunately we could not get any photographic evidence of the night as cameras were not permitted but I can tell you the we weren’t disappointed. 

We arrived and got our VIP armbands as well as some drinks vouchers which were very confusing and the barmen upstairs didn’t know the difference between the different coloured vouchers making things a little complicated when trying to order. Drinks ordering aside, we made our way to the main area to watch the show. There we were greeted by a mooiness of note doing very classy burlesque dance suspended in this circular ring above the crowd. I won’t lie, I did stare just a little bit and kept bobbing and weaving to keep viewing the action. I don’t think I have ever seen Mavericks so packed.

We did spend a lot of time upstairs “relaxing” and chatting whilst stairing at the cage. We bumped into the guys from Don’t Party and Cape Town Alive in the upstairs section and had few drinks. I must say, the night felt a lot more classy then one would think and I said earlier it was really packed which almost gave it a much more lively feel and a party vibe. The drinks and snacks went down nicely and the show was even better, I needed to be pulled away from the main area – whoops!

I went back the other night by chance with a mate to check things out and we ended up grabbing a bit chow. Now I can tell you I was a little more than impressed with what we were served as well as the lovely darling that served it to us. The waiter told us they had some decent specials which we decided to tuck into. I got the sweetest beef steak, this lekker 200g with this amazing three pepper sauce and I don’t even eat pepper. My mate ended up getting the sushi platter  but I have no interest in sushi so I didn’t bother trying one. He seemed to enjoy it quite a bit though. If you are keen for a good chow at a good price then I would mission down to Maverick’s everyday during the evening. The specials are on between 7pm and 9:30pm and it’s well worth it. Good chow and mooiness is always a good combo.

Looks nice doesn’t it!

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