Mauritius launches Premium Long-Stay Visa for South Africans

Photo by Michal Marek from Pexels

The Mauritian government has announced a new ‘Premium Long-Stay Visa’ programme. The government decided to introduce the new Premium Long-Stay Visa to allow people an opportunity to decide if the island would be a good prospect for them to invest or retire.

Mauritius new visa programme, coupled with the island’s record of keeping Covid-19 infections contained and the convenient 2-hour time difference, will make it an attractive option for South Africans – especially for those who want to work remotely on the tropical island.

Unlike other countries, The Mauritian government isn’t charging for this visa, and there aren’t any commitment fees associated with it.

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According to Zainab Bouzaine, an immigration specialist at XpatWeb, South Africans may enter Mauritius on a tourist visa and apply for the Premium Long-Stay Visa once they are there, or you can apply through the economic development board before departure. If you are eligible, can apply for the visa right here.

Apart from the standard emigration requirements, additional documentation needed includes health insurance and proof of accommodation for the duration of your stay. South Africans on this visa will also not be allowed to enter the Mauritian labour market, and applicants will need to prove that they have enough income from a source outside of Mauritius to remain there.

Long-stay visa holders will be able to stay in Mauritius for 180 days. It is also important to note that after 183 days, visa holders will become tax residents of Mauritius. Find out more, right here.

Other countries offering long-stay, digital nomad visas include Bermuda, Georgia, Antigua and Barbuda, Estonia, Dubai, Barbados and Germany.

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