Matshini Uglymann Kenneth’s March Chart [#2]

We’re continuing where we left off from last week’s debut MyCityByNight chart by Matshini Uglymann Kenneth, our latest addition to the MyCityByNight music division, so expect more wisdom, knowledge and education from him in the future to come. We’re very excited to see where his column goes but for now, let’s get straight into the music. Here’s Matshini’s March [#2] chart:

1 / I:Cube – Cash Conv. (Original Mix) [Versatile Records]

2 / Solartape – Do It In Time [Maverick Records]

3 / Michael Oberling feat. Vivian – If Only For An Instant (Original Mix) [DeepStitched]

4 / Dix – Slow Revolver (Original Mix) [Nomadiq Music]

5 / Hidden Spheres – The Bloos [Moods & Grooves]

6 / Mushrooms Project – Rio Disco 94 [Hell Yeah]

7 / Nail – On Wid It [Monologues Records]

8 / Bruce Loko – The Arkenstone of Thrain (Original Mix) [Get Physical]

9 / Helly Larson – On the Fields [Seven Villas]

10 / 4matiq – Area 41 (Original Mix) [L2M Records]

BONUS BOMB // Ash Reynolds – You Came Along [Free d/l]

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