Matshini Uglymann Kenneth’s March Chart [#1]

We’re launching a new feature on MyCityByNight to further unearth local and international talent and what better way to do it than allow Matshini, resident music lover, to give us his weekly charts. Expect lots more from him over the next few months.
Hey everyone. I’m Matshini Phelisile Kenneth better known as Uglymann and I’ll be presenting you my weekly charts in the effort to showcase the finest quality artists from local and abroad, I will focus on all things Electronic Music (Deep house, Techno…) this is a way of showing my gratitude to the Producers and to get their Music out there. Hope you will enjoy this journey with me, thanks to MyCityByNight for the opportunity.
1 / Rick Razu – Motions [Self Release]
2 / Harvey Sutherland – Spiders [Forthcoming on Clarity Recordings]
3 / Lorie – Fool [Metanoia]

4 / Nutia – Fade (Balu Brixton Remix) [Likebirds Records]

5 / Adham Zahran – Honey, The Mood Is Good (Original Mix) [Forthcoming on Galaktika Records]

6 / Johannes Albert – Frentic Moment [Klamauk]

7 / Four Tet – Locked (Original Mix) [Text Records]

8 / Retiree – Altruisme [Plastic World]

9 / Dark Sky – Purple Clouds (Original Mix) [Monkeytown Records]

10 / Vaal – Eer (Original Mix) [Baastard]

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