Massive Attack’s Hit Record ‘Mezzanine’ Has Been Encoded into Spray Paint.


In quite a remarkable feat, Massive Attack, the band, have managed to encode their global hit record, Mezzanine into actual DNA. The Mezzanine DNA has now been “remastered” in aerosol form – a can of spray paint.

The band explained that each can of spray paint has up to one million DNA copies of Mezzanine in it. According to Robert Glass, [a professor at ETH Zurich’s Functional Materials Laboratory], the encoding process “Is a digital bitstream of the album [containing] individual sequences [which were] chemically synthesised resulting in a synthetic DNA sample which is also encapsulated in synthetic glass fossils”

The cans are sleekly designed, packaged in a black and silver can. Only a limited number of spray cans will be up for sale. The fact that the band chose to back up their record in this ridiculously creative way is quite significant since Del Naja was an active member of Bristol’s graffiti scene in the 1990s before forming Massive Attack.

As of now, it’s not clear when or where the can s will be up for sale – follow the group on Facebook to stay up to date. It’s not yet clear when or how you will be able to buy the spraypaint.

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