Marvel’s Latest Hit-Series, Cloak & Dagger Has Just Launched on Showmax – Watch It Right Now.

Marvel’s latest cult hit-series, Cloak & Dagger has just been released this month and has also just landed exclusively on the Showmax platform – where you can start watching the series for free right now with your 14-Day FREE trial.

The comic giant’s new saga is set in the Marvel Universe (MCU) and shares continuity with the films and other tv series of the franchise. Cloak & Dagger is created by ABC Studios and Marvel Television and tells the story of two teenagers from New Orleans and vastly different backgrounds who, after a life-changing event involving the collapse of a massive oil rig owned by the company Roxxon, begin to discover they have acquired superhuman powers – all while forming a romantic yet complicated relationship. They soon realize their newly appointed powers are stronger and work better when they are together and ultimately join forces.

Watch the thrilling trailer for the 2018 Marvel series, Cloak & Dagger below or watch the entire series for free right here.

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