Mario Balotelli’s finally on Twitter

mario balotelli

Yes, my week has been made!!! After a Mario Balotelli goal helped secure a Champions League spot for the 7 seven time European champions, AC Milan last night news of his joy spread to micro-blogging platform Twitter through an official Mario Balotelli account. The World then realised that the account that had been tweeting since last week was actually run by the man himself, causing Twitter to break from all the people instantly following Mario’s tweets. There have been a couple of really funny parody accounts that have garnished zillions of followers with their tweets of the life of the football star, as most of us would imagine it to be (filled with crazy rants and home-fires). Now we get to see what he’s actually like… I’m hoping for some more Joey Barton-style honesty here.

Mario Balotelli is one of my favourite footballers just because of the fact that he’s completely nuts and clearly I’m not the only one who think so judging by the huge amount of followers he’s already racked up.

Balotelli twitter

balotelli twitters

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