Mario Balotelli in the Nike Virtual Barbershop (My Time is Now)

The My Time is Now campaign from Nike has pretty much shown all of us what can be done with a proper budget. They’ve managed to create yet another viral with Italian footballer Mario Balotelli having his hair cut and styled in Nike’s virtual barbershop.

In the clip, Balotelli is accompanied by French player Mamadou Sakho and Argentinian footballer Javier Pastore. Mario then goes abut telling the barber that he wants a cut that is ‘to be remembered.’ The barber then tries out a couple of different styles, including an afro, and some pimp-esque curly locks.

Viewers can also visit one of the six physical Nike Barbershops located in Buenos Aires, Madrid, Mexico City, Milan, and Paris, while trying out the online Nike Barbershop app to virtually try various iconic hairstyles from football legends.

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  1. The Nike Barbershop has been reproduced at the Cremerie de Paris
    in the center of Paris 11 rue des Dechargeurs / 15 rue des Halles.
    The Pop Up store is open to the public during the month of june 2012.

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