Watch | Marine organizations and experts react to shocking Netflix doc ‘Seaspiracy’


The new Netflix documentary, Seaspiracy is causing quite the social media frenzy. The 2021 feature, directed by Ali Tabrizi, explores the environmental impact of the global fishing industry.

The controversial film looks at “the effects of plastic marine debris and overfishing around the world and argues that commercial fisheries are the main driver of marine ecosystem destruction. It rejects the concept of sustainable fishing and criticizes several marine conservation organizations, including the Earth Island Institute and its dolphin-safe label and the seafood certifications of the Marine Stewardship Council.

Seaspiracy proposes marine reserves and the complete elimination of fish consumption. The documentary also covers modern slavery within the fishing industry.”

The film also features interviews with figures from the marine conservation organisation, Sea Shepherd, as well as journalist, author and environmentalist George Monbiot.

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Since Seapiracy’s premier, marine organisations and experts have come forward to dispute the documentary with some scientists and conservation groups pointing out that the documentary contains “inaccuracies” and accused it of being “misleading”.

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC), which assesses and grants certification to sustainable fisheries, responded to claims in the documentary that alleged sustainable fishing is not possible while Oceana released an official statement with regards to being referenced in the film and even set up a FAQ page regarding the documentary.

“This is wrong,” the MSC said. “One of the amazing things about our oceans is that fish stocks can recover and replenish if they are managed carefully for the long-term.”

Professor Christina Hicks, one of the experts who appeared in the documentary has since tweeted her discomfort about her appearance, claiming she was not aware of the subject of the documentary, “unnerving to discover your cameo in a film slamming an industry you love and have committed your career to. I’ve a lot to say about Seaspiracy but won’t,” she tweeted.

Some experts have said that while Seaspiracy carries an important message, it is lost amid staged scenes and out-of-context interviews. Watch the trailer below and read more trending news, right here.

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