Marc Romboy uses a Smithson Martin Emulator to DJ

I was trawling the net yesterday and managed to come across this interesting little video about a guy by the name of Marc Romboy who will be playing three exclusive European shows using a bit of next-gen dj kit called the Smithson Martin’s Emulator. This revolutionary piece of technology for DJs and producers puts together midi-based software with touch-screen hardware to deliver a dj experience could not be further from analogue.

Check out some of this dude’s skills here:

The tour begins in London with a date at Ministry of Sound on 13th August with other stops in Germany on 19/08 and Amsterdam on 26/08. The final stop includes an Emulator workshop run by Romboy himself, which will give professionals and aspiring artists a chance to try the kit and learn from a true expert. I kind of wish we had the chance to check it out here in South Africa as well.

What do all you think? Would you be amped to see local dj’s slamming these types of interactive sets as well? Hmm, time will tell…


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