Manny Pacquiao’s Mom puts a curse on Timothy Bradley during their fight (& Tim loses!)

pacman vs bradley

Manny Pacquiao is a complete beast in the ring and trying to beat him on a normal day is pretty damn difficult. Add to his unbelievable skill and speed, a mother who presumably believes quite strongly in God’s ability to vex people and he becomes almost untouchable to opposition fighters. During the fight between Pacman and Tim Bradley this last weekend the camera caught Manny’s mom, Dionisia Pacquiao holding a cross in her hand, pointing at the ring quite frantically – praying for her son to win the fight/ask the Big Guy Upstairs to curse his opposition to the point where he loses.

By all accounts her efforts seemed to have worked with Pacquiao taking the fight on points in the end. What do you reckon… was that a prayer or curse?

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