Mandelapalooza 2016

Mandelapalooza is back in 2016 and gives you a chance to do something great for others, while listening to some awesome local music


One thing that we can all agree on as South Africans is the fact that Madiba really was a good oke. He taught us all so much about humility and inspiring leadership as well as the importance of caring for others. It was these life lessons that led to the creation of Mandelapalooza, which takes place on 17 July at The Good Luck Bar.

Tickets start at R20 and go all the way up to R200, depending on how generous you’re feeling. Get em here:

There’ll also be a truck from Cotlands to collect any blankets and non-persihable tinned foods you have (Last year they did 3 truck loads, let’s try beat that this year?!).

Line up:

Adventure Man
Satanic Dagga Orgy
December Streets

All the bands are giving their time and musical talents for free, and all our proceeds will go to Cotlands and Yenzani Children’s Home in Midrand.

Lekker man, let’s all be good okes together.

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