Mandela Day Human Chain Initiative

Mandela Day Human Chain

Mandela Day is all about trying to emulate the great man by doing good for your community and country and this particular initiative really embodies many of the teachings of our wise ex-president. Anglican Archbishop Thabo Magoba has called on churches, mosques and synagogues to join him in forming a human chain on Thursday to commit to the Mandela dream of a united South Africa free from poverty.

He’s called on all young people of the Cape to come forward and commit to take up the baton that Madiba’s generation is handing over to them.

“This is a time that we must continue to sow the seeds of love and not destruction so that we can give hope to all in our beautiful country,” “It requires us all to roll up our sleeves and conduct ourselves in a dignified way,” he added.

The Human Chain for Madiba is going to be run all the way from Gugulethu through Athlone to Rondebosch on Mandela Day between 1p.m and 2p.m. The organising team convened by Bush Radio is made up of a team of youth from a host of organisations including individuals committed to finding a way to demonstrate their love to Madiba as he lies ill in hospital. Some of these organisations include the Western Cape Religious Leaders Forum, The Cape Cultural Collective, the Claremont Main Road Mosque, the Gugulethu Advice Office, the Athlone Advice Office and a number of community radio stations.

“We want this to be a major community effort including all who wish to participate,” the Archbishop said. “If you are too far from Klipfontein Road, make your chain around your school or your factory or your church.”

“We have in Madiba one of the world’s greatest leaders,” said Magoba. “It is not always in the life of a people that they are so blessed with inspirational and visionary leadership. It will be a shame if we squander his legacy.”

Now, all they need to make the initiative a success is you!

For further enquiries, contact:

Father Michael Weeder, Dean of the George’s Cathedral at 083 384 4854.

Imam Rashid Omar, Claremont Main Road Mosque at 078 271 4440



Twitter: @HumanChain2013

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