Manchester United’s New Name – Devils are now BAD!

So being the chilled happy folk that we are here at MyCityByNight, we hate talking about politics or religion for example… Unless its otherwise needed… This is one of those cases.

Now I’m personally not a Man U fan, but Ricky By Night is a huge fan (so we all hope you are sitting RBN). I am however a HUGE footy fan – COME ON LIVERPOOL!
Anyway back to the point… Some of you may have started hearing or have heard in the last 48 hours about some crazy clerics in Malaysia deeming the Man U logo (below), offensive and should be changed…

The Red Devils, as they are and have been affectionatley known for, well forever, are now offensive to Muslims according to them (the clerics), and you are now banned from wearing Man U footy shirts in Malaysia! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD MAN!!!!!!!!!! ITS SPORT!!!!!!!!!

Sorry, but I actually feel sorry for the Muslims that don’t really care about something so fickle and love footy for what it is, and have to get dragged into this crap, much like catholic priests that get painted with the same tar brush as those siff kiddy fiddling catholic priests! – Dont get me started!

Afterall this is sport, the beautiful game, not about politics, race, religion and so on!

Ok rant over and done with!

So, if you had to re-name and/or rebadge the Man U team, what would their new name be?

I quite like the name The Red Knobs! Hahahahaha! You know you won’t finish above The Liverpool this season Ricky! Let the pre-season rivalry begin 😀

Oh and think twice before calling them the Red Army, you may seriously piss the Americans off, as thats what the Russian Army was called during the cold war, and the Red Devils are owned by the yanks after all!

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  1. I saw Evra and the Serbian, whats his name again are both gone? Who they going to get in defence this season…

    R100 bucks Newcastle take them down in the first game!

    1. K first of all- this is stupid and I think that all of you suck. (now that im done being childish i can move on)

      Kreg- bro where are you getting your info from???!!! Both Evra and Vidic are still Man U players- silly boy… Maybe Chelsea should try and stop the only Cole left in their ranks from going to Real where the Special One now resides.

      As for us losing to the toon army on the first day at Old Trafford… The Theatre of Dreams- how about NO.

      As for all the Arsenal and Liverpool supporters in the house- go win a title, something, anything. And no- you're not allowed to talk about the past when you were once sole premier league title record holders (liverpool) and not in a constant "rebuilding" process (arsenal).

      I do however worry a little at the lack of any real superstars coming in to the Theatre, but I do hear that United is in pole position to sign the awesome Ozil!!! 🙂

  2. Ricky Ricky Ricky, I notice that you fail to bring to attention the main point that we made.

    Man U are in SERIOUS debt!

    Why are you not signing any big names?? Because you dont have the money to.

    theater or dreams? pft Theatre of Debt more like it!

    And the constant rebuilding process is the one thing that annoys me the most(il be seriously bleek to loose Fabrigas). But when it comes to the most beautiful football in England, its Arsenal all the way.

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