Manchester United & Turkish Airlines new ad

With all of the news around Wayne Rooney and his desire to leave the Theatre of Dreams and the best team in the World, I’ve been getting fairly bleak.

Manchester United played so terribly in the Champions League this week that I mistook them for Liverpool for a second- and that really really pains me to say. To be honest, I havent seen the Red Devils play this badly in well… forever.

Thank goodness they managed to pull their skills together to make this new advert for their new official carrier Turkish Airlines… Its a pretty awesome ad- except for the bit with Wayne Rooney in it… Grr.

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  1. so basically what they saying is everyone in the team is good and has skills except for Rooney – who is kak and messed up his kick.

    on the mark i’d say.

    1. 100% on the mark! Cool ad – kuk team! hahaha

      @Someone: Keep your eyes on later, our boy Hidro has a little something that might be the perfect response to this post…

      Keep your eyes open 🙂

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