Man uses PS4’s streaming feature to broadcast his naked passed out wife to the internet

man broadcasts wife ps4

I’m really not sure I feel about this – to be honest the whole thing just seems a bit a rapey to me. The man in the video has been banned from the PS4 online network after he broadcasted images of his wife, drunk and passed out to the world using the next gen console’s streaming feature to do so.

One of the new features on the Playstation 4 is Playroom, which allows users, via Twitch TV, to broadcast live video of your bedroom or in the case of this guy, your lounge. In what is some extremely creepy footage the couple:

sat on their sofa drinking until the woman passed out. He then lifted her shirt and exposed her breast for “about 15 minutes.” After that he went one step further by briefly turning off the broadcast only to return with the unconscious woman completely stripped naked.

The user was reportedly banned instantly but they were not the only ones getting up to naughtiness. Some other users made videos of themselves parading around with guns, while others paraded around naked.

Allowing people to upload live video to the internet is ALWAYS going to result in nakedness.

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