Man Mowed His Lawn With A Tornado Approaching & Said He Was “Keeping An Eye On It”

Man Mowed His Lawn With A Tornado Approaching & Said He Was "Keeping An Eye On It"

I’m relatively sure that if a tornado ever had to strike anywhere near to me, I’d be the very person to high tail it out there and get somewhere very far away. I’m clearly way too paranoid about this type of thing after checking a fellow South African casually continuing with the very important task of moving his lawn while a tornado approached in the background.

Theunis Wessells (so clearly South African with a name like that) decided that he would continue to mow the lawn even though there was a massive tornado tearing things up relatively close by in Three Hills, Alberta, Canada. While he was busy attending to the important business of lawn maintenance his wife Claudia was taking a nap, but was woken when their nine-year-old daughter started screaming about the approaching storm and her dad’s blatant refusal to come inside. Claudia took the snap and since posting it to the web, the internet has been going nuts about Theunis’ rather casual demeanor (typically Saffa).

Check out the snap below:

It looks much closer if you look in the photo, but it was really far away. Well, not really far, far away, but it was far away from us.

I was keeping an eye on it.

Right, so everything was under control then Theunis? What a champ.

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