Man Gets Gored By Bull While Trying To Film It On His iPad (WATCH)

Man Gets Gored By Bull While Trying To Film It On His iPad (WATCH)

I totally get why some people out there insist on doing bull runs – it can be quite exhilarating when you do manage to avoid getting absolutely mauled by an animal who really doesn’t give a toss about why you’re standing around in its way. Unfortunately for the bloke in this video, which comes from a bull run on an island called Terceira near Portugal, he didn’t manage to avoid getting gored by an angry bull. To be absolutely honest though, I really do feel like he could have done a far better job of staying alive after watching him try to filmĀ the bull on his iPad. Even though the guy was pretty much just standing there and minding his own business, you really should know better than taking your eye off of a raging bull, even if it is for just one second.

This is proper savage:

Sheesh, I really hope that dude is ok. I mean that is one proper mauling and really yet another reason why I probably won’t ever try doing a bull run myself.

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