Man Crush

Ryan Reynolds and I should kick it more often… Not like in a gay way but I just think that it’d be cool to hang out with another guy who’s as cool as ice (and who doesnt say- cool as ice).
Yup, you’ve got it- we’re speaking about the bromance or man crush…
Lets start with the definition of the man crush or bromance-
A bromance is defined as:
A hetrosexual man admiring another man to an extreme in a non-romantic or sexual way, more over having an intense desire to be that other man. This the highest tier of a man’s love for another man, without having any sexual want towards the man.


Bromance is a portmanteau of the words bro or brother and romance. Editor Dave Carnie coined the term in the skateboard magazine Big Brother in the 1990s to refer specifically to the sort of relationships that develop between skaters who spent a great deal of time together.

Friendships among men are often primarily based on shared activities, This can include playing video games, shopping, sporting activities, watching movies, fishing, camping, gambling or social drinking. Emotional sharing (which is common of women’s friendships) is prevalent from time to time as well.

It is not uncommon for people in a homosocial friendship to be physically affectionate with each other, not implying sexual bonding or desire. Hugging, piggybacking, shoulder leaning or teasing are all common features of homosocial relationships, as are frank discussions about sexuality, life, and health. Researchers believe that the physical aspect of such friendships may actually be an important socializing tool, pointing out that people with less physical contact in their lives can be less socially confident and emotionally stable.

Yes that’s it- when one heterosexual guy finds another dude to be so cool that said Guy No. 1 wants to spend as much time as humanly possible with Guy No. 2.  X had a crush on House and in June 2010 EVERYONE with a Y chromosome in South Africa had a Man Crush on the talented Bafana Bafana winger Simpiwe Tshabalala.

Since its inception and displayed clearly with Jesus and his Disciples- The Man Crush has always been a delicate subject among straight men, with a rather complex set of rules that govern it.  For example- it is considered to be acceptable to shout out and proclaim your undying love for Cristiano Ronaldo as his samba’s his way past 8 defenders and nets for Portugal. However- it’s definately not cool to point out that James from Finance always looks nice in that baby blue sweater.

Lets go through another example-

It’s socially acceptable to have a poster of a shirtless and sweaty Rampage Jackson on your wall, but never a half-naked or even fully clothed picture of Orlando Bloom.

We’ve finally arrived at a point in society where even the most insecure and brandy and braai-liking guy can now proclaim his like for another fellow man. With movies like Ocean 13 released where an entire cast of guys be awesome together and love each other awesomeness man-crushing is definately a very prominent activity. Bromance movies are the modern form of a buddy film of old… Just have a look at the films I Love You Man starring Paul Rudd as a heterosexual groom trying to find a best man and best friend before his wedding and Jason Segel as his bromantic partner. Another fine example of a healthy bromance can be found in the hilarious Superbad, in which Jonah Hill and Michael Cera play the role of best friends Seth and Evan who frequently confess their brotherly love for each other. The bromance is probably best epitomised on TV by the Turk & JD from Scrubs- I mean they even day dream together.

Really there is no excuse for even the most rugged and Camel-man like dude to deny the man-crush. It’s not a sexual thing and is instead solely about admiring the awesomeness of another dude, developing a desire to hang out with the person, get an ale or 2 with them and of course punching each other on the shoulders. The crushing guy starts to model himself after his man crush, mimics certain personality traits, buys shoes and colognes that the crush endorses and often fantasize about being the actual crush.   

I only have this little bit of advice to follow when selecting your own man-crush…

* It should be someone who is going to be around for a while. Just imagine you had been crushing on those dudes who did the Macarena- AWKWARD.

* A man crush has to be good looking, but not overly so. He needs to be masculine, but at the same time a little bit dangerous. Anyone other than Robbie Williams and Justin Timberlake, who was ever in a boy band need not apply.

* You should always stand up for the awesomeness of your man-crush once selected. None of that “3 cock crows, I dont know Jesus stuff” that Peter did.

Oh and then not to forget the likes of all the gay folk out there, there is also such a thing as a Gay-straight bromance, which is sometimes ridiculously referred to as a hobromance. Yes just in case you didnt know- not every gay guy wants to sleep with you just because they say hi. Examples of well-known gay-straight bromances American Idol’s Kris Allen and Adam Lambert, which was given the name “Kradam”.

Now that you’re more than prepared- go and give some man-love 😉

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  1. Hahaha – wonder how many guys are going to be doing a checklist to see what category they fall under?
    If I was a guy, I’d so be man-crushing Ryan – he’s SUPER HOT!

    1. Thanks for sharing my sentiments- Ryan is cool, funny and the spokesperson for Hugo Boss (which just happens to be my favourite brand of smelly)… I think we should hang out- like forever and stuff 🙂

  2. I’ve always had a crush on Ryan. After reading this I realised that I Now have to compete with bro’s lol!

    1. If you want to put a custom picture there instead of the scary monster go check out and load a pic. Then every time you comment with that given email address the pic you chose will come up 🙂

  3. Great read, and hobromance is a real thing, just make sure there is a drink limit when you exit at… It prevents those we were drunk situations. But romance is real open yourself towards it and never allow your bromance to ‘WOM’ yes wom, ‘Woman Over Mates’ nice one ricci

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