Malcom Dare Artistic Dinner: A local artist capturing emotion through the lens

I sit here writing this post with a beret on my head. Not because I am feeling French, but rather because its the only way I feel I could do justice to a brilliant collection of work by local artist Malcom Dare. His work is best described by the opening quote of his catalogue- “it is through the lens I can best describe my emotions, thoughts and desires”- a mixture of emotionally charged photos and exposures that focus on using uniquely South African content to give them most of their meaning.

I think photography has always been one of the most expressive mediums of art available to us and Malcom Dare is gifted in the way that he is able to use the lens to take settings like the colourful and culturally rich suburb of Bo-Kaap, or the townships where so much of our South African workforce resides as the inspiration for entire collections that portray a message with each and every well thought out image.

We’re really big supporters of local design and art here at MyCityByNight, which is why we were quite chuffed when we heard about the Malcom Dare “Meet the Artist” dinner that would be taking place at the Titanium Bistro at Rodwell House. The evening gives all those interested in these awesome works (all available as prints for order), the opportunity to chat to the artist and find out a little bit more about the inspiration behind the images and the man himself, all the while enjoying an other-worldly dinner at the 5 Star Rodwell House in St James Cape Town.

If you’re keen to join please do have a squizz at the menu and give either Sam or Joanne a shout!

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