Making the most of the Cape Winter!

Now this is how you do it… While we were all sitting huddled up inside in the cold during Sunday’s massive outburst of rain, these 3 guys jumped at the opportunity to get a little extreme along the Liesbeck River, canoe’ing and kneeboarding their way down the overflowing river with GoPro’s attached. Check out this footage!

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  1. Anyone know of some flooded areas, or rather large puddles as a result of recent rain in Cape Town? But the water must still be flat, so no rapids.. Want to take a winch there and wakeskate

  2. This video is such a waste of time, for the most part it could have been filmed in my bath,the first image( image on the website above the youtube video) creates the impression that you would see more than just water, (more scenery,or kayaks, but you just sea water/rapids and not a lot of liesbeek river )

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