Maker Faire Africa Johannesburg


African ingenuity, innovation and invention will be in the spotlight when Maker Faire Africa comes to South Africa for the first time this December. Taking place from December 3rd to 6th, Maker Faire Africa Johannesburg follows in the footsteps of Maker Faire Africa events in Accra (Ghana, 2009), Nairobi (Kenya, 2010), Cairo (Egypt, 2011) and Lagos (Nigeria, 2013).

“We are very excited about Maker Faire Africa’s arrival in Johannesburg, over the past four Faires, we have celebrated global ingenuity and  innovation from the dynamic perspective of Africa’s emerging maker communities. And, from the very start, the localisation of the maker movement has been uppermost in our minds. Our orientation has always been towards assessing and valuing what each country, what each region, each culture has, that is unique to them and celebrating  it – and Johannesburg is the latest stop on this incredibly exciting journey.”

– says Emeka Okafor, co-founder of Maker Faire Africa (MFA

Maker Faire Africa offers South African makers the opportunity to showcase their wares, along with inventors from across the continent.  Past events have seen more than 400 inventions showcased, including light-up glasses built from recycled materials,  a generator than can produce six hours of electricity with one litre of urine and conductive woven textiles. Maker Faire Africa Johannesburg will showcase projects and prototypes of South African makers whose explorations take them to the edges of science, engineering, design, robotics, agriculture, health, the environment and more. The event will also include workshops, demos, mash-ups, and discussion panels around seed-starting ideas for new collaborations in open innovation across the continent.

Like its predecessors, Maker Faire Africa Johannesburg is open to the public who will be able to join in the making with the Pop-Up Maker Space. The public days take place on December 5
th and 6th.

In 2011 The New Yorker wrote, “Maker Faire Africa, where inventors from across the continent gather to showcase their wares… has been astounding: mobile apps, seed-planting devices, solar-powered computer kiosks made out of recycled oil drums, paraffin lamps, and other technologies that, importantly, address the immediate needs of Africans.” Don’t miss out on being part of this inspirational event.


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