Make-Believe Presents ‘Mix of The Day’ | Offroad | The Spirit Train Afrikaburn 2017


French-born DJ, ‘Offroad‘ lives for the love of music, and found his signature and soulful beats on the powerful playa of Afrikaburn. Always looking for the thrilling sensation of communing with the crowd, Offroad takes you on a trip with deep, shamanic house music.

You can revel in the OffRoad experience this New Year’s Eve at Make-Believe’s magical 3-day, ‘Full Circle’ outdoor experience where attendees can look forward to a wonderful balance between festival and vacation.

To give you a taste of the audio magic in store for this unique event, Make-Believe has selected to present our ‘Mix of The Day’ with Offroad’s ethereal 2-hour set on The Spirit Train at Afrikaburn 2017. Turn up for beautiful beats this Friday.

For more information on Offroad, follow his fan page and catch him live at Make-Believe presents ‘FULL Circle’ / 3-Day NYE Celebration. Book your ticket & glamping here.

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