Make-Believe Launch Event at Cape Town Train Lodge

Promoters are finally trying to mix things up by offering parties in cool, underused venues. One such party is the Make-Believe Launch event at the Cape Town Train Lodge on the 19th of May 2012.
The Make-Believe production company has in the past cast its dancefloor magic on the rooftops of Cape Town, the high seas of the Jolly Roger pirate ship and Friday night ‘Substance’ at Chukkachurri. Now they’re throwing a party at the unused train platforms of the Cape Town Train Lodge. With the launch event ‘Face The Music’, no expense has been spared to ensure another memorable night out. Situated between the old train carriages and under the protected station roof is a platform space that awaits a sonic experience like no other

A 14-hour electronic music confrontation showcasing some of our country’s finest – delivered to you over a quality 10KW soundsystem (Kilowatt AV) with the mind-altering, video-mapping genius of Afterlife AV as the backdrop- and then to top it all off they’ve kindly included a more-than-plausible ‘work exemption’ coupon (detachable from flyer art) … to be used when you can’t make to work from being too hungover.

Contact: Mike 0822920744

What to Expect >>

~ Another unique location (roof covered)
~ 10KW JBL Soundsystem (supplied by Kilowatt AV)
~ Video mapping and visuals (supplied by Afterlife AV)
~ Mushroom heaters on dancefloor to keep you warm
~ Covered swimming pool area + bar
~ Boston Beer & Status Vodka cocktail bar

Tickets >>

R85.00 – presale from
R90.00 – @gate before 17h00
R100.00 – @gate after 17h00

Facing The Music >>

~ Behr
~ Bruno Morphet
~ Coco Loco (Durban)
~ Dakin Auret (Durban)
~ Domenico Benigno
~ Edit & Run
~ Fletcher
~ January One (Cologne, Germany)
~ Jimmy Chronic
~ Marq
~ Mix ‘n Blend
~ Monique Pascall
~ One Track Mike
~ Rob Taylor
~ Sadhu Sensi

May 19 at 2:00pm until May 20 at 4:00am in UTC+02
Cape Town Train Lodge, 3 Old Marine Drive, Foreshore
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