The Magic of a Classic Drive-in is Finally Coming to a Jozi Suburb Near You!

The Magic of a Classic Drive-in is Finally Coming to a Jozi Suburb Near You!

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Now this is something that we can really excited about – it’s been forever since the last time we got to experience a movie at an actual old school drive-in. You know what they say…It’s not about the film but the experience! This year, the creators behind Picnics In The Park are launching “Drive-In”, a cinema series taking place throughout Gauteng. Aimed at all age groups, this fun cinema experience is a great way to spend quality time with your friends, family or partner. Whether you carpool or ride solo, the beauty of Drive-In allows you to feel completely at home in your own vehicle, which you can deck out with blankets and pillows, or even a mattress if you have a bakkie, while the organisers provide the entertainment, snacks and refreshments.

In an age where we are becoming more and more disconnected from society and “Netflix & Chill” has become the status quo, Drive-In gives you the opportunity to step away from online culture and enjoy a film in comfort with the freedom to  move around, chat at your leisure, play games, share a meal etc. Drive-In will kick-off on 25 February at Sylvia’s Market, Observatory with one event due to run per month in various locations throughout Gauteng. The public has the power to choose the films and you just need to go to Drive-in’s Facebook page to cast your vote. Your ticket allows you admission for two films. You are advised to go one hour before the first show or if you only want to watch the second show, arrive at least thirty minutes prior to the screening. The audio for the films are run through your radio, so all you have to do is tune in.

It is recommended that hatchbacks and 4 x 4 vehicles park backwards so you can lean back and enjoy the film. There will be a snack bar full of treats and goodies on offer from hot buttery popcorn to ice cold drinks to hot dogs and more. Please support Drive-in and enjoy their offerings and do not bring your own.  Turn off the Wi-Fi, pause your live streaming, dress-up or come in your pyjama’s and throwback to when going to the movies was an event.



17:00 – Venue Open
 19:00 –  1st Film 
21:00 – 2nd Film 
11:30 –  CLOSE


Adult: R 125

Age 13 – 17: R 55

Children under 13: FREE

Get your tickets here:

Upcoming Drive-in Events:

25 February – Sylvia’s Market, Observatory

25 March – Fourways

29 April – JHB South

Follow Drive-in and all of their upcoming events here:

Checkout the website for full details:

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