Macdonald’s Release The New Nutella Burger. Sold.


McDonald’s are at it again but this time in Italy.

For health sakes, as if we don’t have enough temptations and hard choices out there to make, we now face the possibility of a world-wide addiction to the New Nutella, wait for it, Burger. And no, there’s no meat or garnish on this one, just a warm bun filled with a gooey, Nutella chocolate center, kinda like a Twinkie. No big deal right? OKAY, THIS IS A HUGE DEAL!

The “Sweety con Nutella” or “Sweet with Nutella” as it’s called is only available in Italy and was announced last Thursday via a Facebook ad as a new addition to their chain of outlets. So far the response has been great with thousands of McDonald’s and Nutella fans eager to try the new treat.

Would you like to see this at Macdonald’s in South Africa?

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