Luscious for L.U.K.A

The peeps from The L.U.K.A Foundation, a newly formed charity organization with a focus of hosting events and funding various charitable activities in South Africa, got hold of us at MyCityByNight to ask for a little help. The foundation was put together by Refiloe Mokoape as a means of addressing some of the charitable causes in South Africa that do not always get the adequate amount of attention given to them even though they need a great deal of support.

The L.U.K.A Foundation is brand new and will be having their first event coming up on Saturday the 12th Of March 2011-Lucious for L.U.K.A. They hope to introduce themselves as the L.U.K.A Foundation to what they feel to be the largest and most beneficial target group of the future (the youth) as well as create a awareness and generate funds for a current project with the Western Cape Rehabilitation Centre For People Living with Disabilities.

The idea is that people attend the LUKA events and leave feeling satisfied and inspired to go on and raise funds or contribute to the activities of the organization as volunteers.

We’ve decided to give these kind hearted peeps a bit of airplay and join the likes of ZAR, 5fm and UCT radio in promoting another worthy cause.

The fashion show will feature a host of local designers and will have its after party at ZAR nightclub in Cape Town (they’ve hooked up quite a nice deal that makes a visit quite affordable). They will be at Jammie Stairs this Thursday (At UCT) causing a bit of fuss and hopefully getting some of the students to attend and become involved in charitable activities in future.

Please boys and girls- if you are at all interested in helping out get hold of the event organizer Refiloe Mokoape on (021) 370 2313 or Fax (021) 370 2400.

Otherwise, just buy a ticket and go have a jol.

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