Luni Gallery launches ‘Walks of Life’ exhibition on the 27th of July

Walks of life is an art exhibition representing South African artists and artwork that takes you on a journey of art that expands the narrative of the world around you.

Gillian Rosseli and Martina Gruber’s collaborative exhibition showcases a range of photographic documentary photography and paintings that speak about the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean. A percentage of their exhibition sold will be donated to the children living in these harsh conditions. Luni’s aim is to create awareness around these issues.

“The irony or blatant contradiction is the fact that these paintings, collages and installations as well as photographs are on one level quite beautiful. Indeed, such is the coast line of much of Europe. Yet at the same time, beneath these waters are the remains of thousands who have not survived the journey”, ( Shorkend, 2017).

Accompanied by Gillian and Martina’s work is a series of paintings by Jillian Romanovsky’s. A deep sense of story telling is portrayed in her series of oil paintings.

The work displayed at the entrance of the gallery is followed by Marcelino Manhula’s beautiful mosaic portraits. Manhula’s work revolves around issues of African identity and continues to explore the medium of mosaic art using colourful different stones.


DATE: 27th July
MUSIC: Skorofietsie (LIVE).
LIVE ART: Thembalihle Ngesi.
COVER CHARGE: Free admission.  

Expect snacks & drinks.


Gillian Rosseli
Martina Gruber
Jillian Romanovsky
Fanie Buys
Natasha Minyon Sale
Thembelihle Ngesi
Marcelino Manhula
Kyron Damon Green
Lauren Thenuissen
Stephen Rae
Migal Van As

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