Loyiso- Full Circle Album Review

I mentioned that the other day I stumbled across this little gallery in Cape Town while getting some Simply Asia and had the fortune of bumping into Loyiso having a little business meeting with Chad Saaiman & Zwai (from Tkzee). I got chatting to the incredibly humble and unbelievably talented Loyiso & he hooked me up with a press package of his new cd entitled Full Circle.

I had the opportunity to give the album a full listen & here is what I thought:

Full Circle Highlights & Mentions Reel:

Track 1- World of Mine featuring Khuli Chana

The album starts off with quite a soulful number mixed up with a distinct pop twist. Its a dedication to loving someone right (profound enough for you?) and has quite a sick verse dropped by the very talented Khuli Chana. Cool, so good start then- next up track 2…

Track 2- Crazy Things

I felt that this one was worth a mention simply because of its similarities to a JK track, which is hugely impressive for me- a devout JK fan!! The best way to describe Loyiso on this track is as Michael Buble with African Soul. He talks about the crazy things that people do when they’re in love and how love stoned one can actually be (are you sensing a trend here?).

Track 3- Wrong for You

This track made it to my personal Full Circle highlights reel because of the fact that its an anti-love song. Loyiso uses slick vocals to explain the fact that he’s not right for a mooiness (how’s that for a kiff way of dumping someone?!). You can hear that he’s singing this particular track with a massive smile on his face 🙂 Very nice job.

Track 7- Interlude

Haha- now I mentioned this just because I havent heard an interlude on an album in ages! I love interludes- they help you get all ready for the next part of the album or simply have a lag at the artist being funny in studio 🙂 Woohoo for interludes.

Track 9- Girl You’re Mine

This is my favourite choon of Loyiso’s entire Full Circle album. The uber talented and down to earth vocalist hits all the low notes in the song with ease while letting EVERYONE know that he’s still got enough swagger to leave you feeling like you need to upgrade your shit.

Track 11- Waters

I had to talk about this track because when I listened to it for the first time I immediately felt like going to have a cocktail- and not because it was so crap that I needed to have a drink but instead because of its amazing summery feel. Robin Thicke aint got nothing on our local boy and in this tune you really hear let rip (vocally- come on, why would he fart on his album anyways- thats just weird).

Overall I dont have anything bad to say about the album other than the fact that it has a heavy focus on love, love songs and upbeat feelgood numbers- so if you’re more into killing goats or something with more of a bassline, some hoovers or massive kicks avoid this.

On the other hand if you’re keen to hear what is currently the cream of the South African pop and soul crop- give a listen to Loyiso’s new Full Circle album! 🙂

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