Love sucks with 5FM

Happy Valentines Day!!!! (I can actually hear at least 60% of you groaning with distaste)… This is the reason why- the mystical party productionists at G&G (with their level of awesome being upheld by the legendary Will McIntyre– that was a shout out if there ever was one) have decided to put something rather special together for this Valentine’s Day with the massive 5FM.

Yes, we know about all the happy couples out there, who use Valentine’s Day to engage in wonderful thoughts of romanticism and act out scenes from the 90’s soapy Loving in a bid to cement their lovely relationships, BUT what about all of the single people out there???!!

Well this is where the ” Love Sucks” theory comes in… For the first time, Love Sucks will be introduced to Cape Town as well as Jozi (it started here, because apparently, love sucks up there) in a bid to rescue all the single people out there. What Love Sucks compromises of is an entire evening of speed dating, aimed at making it into the Guinness book of Records  for the most speed dates in one night (and to find you a partner of course). The current record stands at 331 dates in a single venue in one night and what 5FM and G&G are asking are aimed to reach today is 400- no questions asked.

The event takes place this evening Monday – 14th Of February 2011 and is sponsored by 5FM, Vuzu and Chevy Spark… If you’re keen to get involved sms your name, age, gender and city to 33345 (sms’s cost R1.50). Apart from actually attending you can also win a whole bunch of prizes…

The only single one of the boys here at MyCityByNight, Kreg will be attending the event at The Old Biscuit Mill in Woodstock Cape Town tonight, so do make sure that if you are there you make things really difficult for him (or alternatively be nice and make his day)… He’ll be staying behind for the awesome afterparty featuring the likes of Gareth Cliff, Euphonik, Roger Goode, C-Live, Jon Savage and Dineo, so make sure you make your down there… Its only R50.

For the Jozi afterparty at Clapham Gold you can look forward to Grant and Anele  (ahem, I use look forward to loosely), Dj Fresh, Poppy, Milkshake, Bongi, Elma Smit, Kim Schulze and Angela.

(love sucks)5… which means love sucks to the power of 5 for all of you, who like me, are shit at maths.

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  1. sounds cool n all, except for the afterparty :*/ Jon Savage being the only *possibly* decent dj on that line-up

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