Love Parade turns deadly

The awesome Love Parade, which on an annual basis is the spot where hundreds of thousands of people gather on a yearly basis to jam it out in the streets as massive buses cruise around with massive sound systems keeping everyone sweaty and slightly deaf. Its also the place where the famous Techno Viking lurks (please ask Kreg to do this dance next time you see him, its hilarious).

This years edition was marred by an unfortunate incident where a stampede led to the death of at least 19 “techno music fans”- as they were referred to in numerous reports.

Apparently the venue had reached its capacity when officials told the “techno music fans” to turn around and go through the tunnel they had just walked through. Confused by this order (much like Zoolander and turning left) and the truck loads of Ecstacy they had probably just taken, a stampede insued and people sadly lost their lives.

What started as a peaceful protest in Berlin in 1989 and grew to attendance levels of 1.5 million in 1999 was far from a lovely place to be if you were unfortunate enough to be stuck in that tunnel.

Thats a heavy fail from the organisers… You should know better than to confuse a bunch of ekkied up ravers- it really doesnt take much.

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