Do You Love Nutella So Much You’d Have a Bath In It?

Do You Love Nutella So Much You'd Have a Bath In It?


I’m not one of them, but I do know that there literally bucket loads of you out there that really, REALLY love Nutella. I do however think that many of you wouldn’t necessarily go as far as the guy in the video below, who decided to have a long bath in 300 jars of the nut chocolate spread.

YouTube star Cemre Candar (who is famous for immersing himself in various substances that you wouldn’t normally), took a bath in around 270kgs of the stuff. It took him around six hours to fill up the tub before hopping in and taking a nice long soak. To be fair, if this was chocolate or something other than Nutella I’d probably be quite down to give it a go because of how fun it looks, but it’s not, so I wont.

He must have taken forever to get clean…

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