After an interesting little piece written by a friend (thanks Kate) It dawned upon me that I often refer to my girl friends when chatting to them by everything other than their given names.

Whether it’s a shortened version of your name or an inanimate object like a bubble, I am at some point going to call you by one of these in conversation of a digital or normal nature.

Some people see this as impersonal- but I tend to disagree. You see I’m not just calling you angel to act as a buffer for my laziness to say your entire name- instead I am showing that I feel invested enough to assign a particular pet name to you.

You see, not every girl I speak to will be referred to by the same set of LAH (love.angel.honey)terms. The main ones can be broken down as follows:

Love– I think that you are fantastic- a girl that people introduce to their parents… I’ve possibly thought about introducing you to my parents- actually you probably already know them.

Luv– I think you’re funny, you make me laugh and I enjoy a good chat (I am only going to say chat here, because believe it or not I’m not trying to bed ALL of my female friends).

Angel– This is reserved for those girls who seem to make you feel ten pounds lighter they’re around… You think of them and you smile.

Honey– The one I like to have fun with- you make me laugh hard, we party like crazy and we’re always naughty. Just friends- I think.

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Im a guy with a very particular view of life... im not quite sure what that view is just yet, but when I find out I'll be sure to let you know...


  1. Hmm ricky, so what do u call girls u wanna just bang out? All of the above mentioned terms or saving that treat for another blog post??? Personally every girl can be addressed by any one of those terms… But I have found strong minded feminist propussy ladies to hate and of the “lah” as it is degrading or belittling… But maybe you say it differently to me…

  2. Levi, kindly explain (in you're own words) what it is about my comment that qualifies the label "ass"? Seriously now guy, I never took you to drop kak one liners, go try call some ladies "lahlah" and you'll see why I say what I'm saying. I don't want to delve into feminist study because that would take away from the shine of Ricky's post, which brings me to my main point; he's a big boy Levi, if he has something to say about my post, let him say it -I'm sure he understands the essence of what I'm getting at.. as for you, stop being a pussy and go get an education. Feel free to email me if need be and I will send you a reading list. 🙂 mucho love angel!

  3. Sorry, was a little bit busy… To be honest Onaj the point I was trying to get across is that by using LAHs I feel that I am not disrespecting the ladies out there but instead respecting them enough to choose a particular "pet name" for them. Not everyone out there does that- in fact alot of people out there use any old LAH term for all girls interchangeably- as you mentioned.

    Still though… play nicely guys! we're going to need moderators soon 😉

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