Lounge at Lou Lou’s

Bubbly and seafood for any weekend!

If you are looking for a good night out, with a premium selection of drinks, Lou Lou’s is the place for you. With a selection of the finest spirits and wines and a tantalising menu, Lou Lou’s drew us in.

Having heard multiple times how great it was, we were expecting something spectacular, and while the food was impeccable, with a flawless seared spiced tuna, rolled in 7 spice and dressed with a lime mayo, zesty and smoky Argentinian prawns with a peri peri sauce, an Oak Valley pastured rear beef fillet with one of the best creamy porcini sauces we have ever had, and the best passion fruit pannacotta in the Cape, we were a little disappointed in the Friday night service.

The staff was more than welcoming, finding us a table in the busy bar, but it was an overly full night where the kitchen and bar could not keep up. Having drooled over their food, we were disappointed to find out that cocktails are not served on busy nights and having ordered some tapas as starters and three mains, a single main and a starter were first served, and the rest of the food came all at once.

While this was a little underwhelming, Lou Lou’s is nonetheless a weekend hangout, with the finest bubbly, a young and vibrant crowd, and the décor lets you start the weekend off in decadence. If you like strong drinks, a beautiful crowd, and tasteful and sophisticated décor, this is the place to be.

The food is a definite 4 out of 5, the ambience and décor is 4.5, but the service would, unfortunately, be a 3.5.

We know that all restaurants have their tough nights, and we will definitely be going back to try some cocktails, but maybe this time on a quieter night, where we can appreciate everything Lou Lou’s has to offer, from the fine wine to the decadent desserts, and the quieter atmosphere!

You can find Lou Lou’s at the top floor of the Cape Quarter, right by the busy square.

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