L’ormarins Queen’s Plate Review

Last Saturday saw the running of South Africa’s most prestigious, most exclusive and elegant horse-racing event at Kenilworth Racecourse in Cape Town. It was the first time that MyCityByNight had attending this particular “day at the races” and this is what we thought…

The theme for this year’s event was Blue & White- Timeless Elegance… This really excited me, as I finally had the opportunity to wear my tight white jeans without being ridiculed for being a wannabe member of the Beegees (Kreg still made fun of me). Equipped with my rather “fitted” jeans, a snazy shirt and yes… even a pastel blue tie, I was ready to rock the Queen’s Plate! Even Kreg decided to whip on a nice crisp shirt. Whaaat?! How avant-garde.

When we arrived at the Kenilworth Racecourse we were greeted by super helpful event staff along with a plethora of mooiness prancing around- all high heeled out. Here is where I want seriously give an internet high-5 to the person who chose the theme, there’s nothing quite like mooiness dressed to the nines in tight, white dresses! Oh yes.

I hate to make the comparison, because the two events are completely different, but The Queen’s Plate is just a far more enjoyable and sophisticated affair than any J&B Met that I have ever been to. People are far more relaxed and it feels like a real day at the races filled with big hats, sophistication and at least 13 truckloads less Cocaine in the bathrooms. I would definately recommend the event to anyone with an affinity for being splendid.

While we were there, we managed to bump into one of our absolute favourites- Liezel van der Westhuizen, who on the on day was looking absolutely delectable (interview coming soon) and we event got to check (and kiss) the world reknowned celeb-spotter the Pink Giraffe (@pinkgiraffesa).

After 7 bottles of L’ormarins Chardonnay and doing the rounds and saying hello to all the peeps from the celeb A-list right down to our lowly middle of the table C-list, we decided that it was time to get some gambling advice from the “Sri-Lankan Tiger” and place a couple of bets. 17 to 1 you say???! Give us a win and place 🙂

The advice we received from this gambling extraordinaire turned out to be rather solid, with all of the crew walking away victorious and super amped to go and party the night away.

MyCityByNight truely had a fantastic day at the races and we’ll be back there next year to win the Queen’s Plate again!!! 🙂

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