Looks like Chance the Rapper could have saved Soundcloud

The news broke this week that Soundcloud was shutting down in 50 days. This also came after the news that employees were being released major international offices were being shut down. Social Media was a blaze with musicians and listeners questioning, where to next?

And in no time, Chance the Rapper stepped in. The saviour. The God. The man saving Soundcloud.

At just before 8pm on the 13th he tweeted he was working on something to do with Soundcloud, sending Twitter into a frenzy with the tweet getting over 10,000 RT’s in one day.

Within 24 hours, he tweeted once again that Soundcloud was here to stay after a successful meeting with Soundcloud founder, Alex Ljung. Both tweets have gotten over 100,000 likes and the news has definitely settled a few nerves in the music industry.

Soundcloud jumped straight into the victory parade with a little tweet of their own.

Not only that, but he dropped this heat earlier today on SOUNDCLOUD:

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