Long distance relationship? You need FUNDAWEAR from Durex


Long distance relationships don’t work… It’s a fact of life. Or maybe, if I were to rephrase, it’s the lack of intimacy that causes just about everyone to run out and have sex with the nearest person. To try and give the poor souls who have no choice other than spending their time separated from each other, condom manufacturer Durex has developed a prototype vibrating underwear collection called ‘Fundawear’.

Fundawear allows couples to “touch” each other’s bits over the internet. Described as “the future of foreplay,” they feature a unique real-time server that communicates between the couple’s touchscreen mobile devices and the special under-garments. Each garment houses sophisticated touch actuator technology which is a first for wearable electronics. Revealed in a new campaign for Durex Australia, ‘Fundawear’ is fitted with small vibrating actuators to produce a touch-like sensation, controlled with corresponding buttons in a smartphone app.

Now you really can make someone have an orgasm with your mobile phone via the internet. Screw how Mother Nature intended it…

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