Lolly Jackson “The King of Teaze” Murdered


Last night Lolly Jackson was murdered in Kempton Park, the controversial Teazers owner has always had his fair share of trouble a long the way, but to be shot 15 times, he must have pissed someone off pretty badly. The killer had been known to have phoned the police just after the shooting and then ended up speeding off in Jackson’s Jeep Cherokee. Although I feel for the guy and his family (death for any, beside Malema, shouldn’t be a thing to be taken lightly), you can only imagine the shady dealings this guy was doing, I mean, he was the Hugh Hefner of South Africa Strip clubs. Well not as cool has Hef, but you get the point! There isn’t to much information on this situation, but as soon as something comes up, I will let you all know.


If you want to find out more about Lolly, go through to his website: He has released an autobiography where he called himself the “King of Teaze” and spent his childhood growing up in the South Africa but spent his earlier years the Congo (most likely where he developed his hustling skills, but seriously, this guy was a hectic businessman… He knew the in’s and out’s of running a good business and has done his fair share of helping growth in various industries)

RIP Lolly Jackson.

You will be missed!

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  1. Onaj, I said the same thing, but just heard on the news, ALL teazers around South Africa have been closed for the day to pay respects to Mr Lolly Jackson!

    Mavericks? Just for a burger and a cuppachino? 🙂

  2. he was such a crazy guy- sad day! He definately showed us all how to keep the pimp hand strong.

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