Locnville Interview

Locnville Interview

Locnville Interview

This week MyCityByNight took some time out from our busy schedule of drinking and bribing corrupt police officers with R10 notes and arranged to have a chat with Andrew and Brian, the two twins who make up Locnville, one of the freshest dance/hip hop acts we’ve seen in a long time. We talked about girls, music and giraffes.

MCBN– So guys, where does the name Locnville come from?

Andrew: We quite like to keep the name a mystery… but basically it’s a metaphorical way of representing our American and South African background.

MCBN– You guys have just wrapped up shooting the video for your next single, 6 Second Poison– any chance that we could be in your next video? We’ve saved up for our bottles of Cristal champagne and even have a concept all thought out already- it involves lots of slow motion shots of girls doing exercise and a giraffe.

Brian: Yeah, the new video’s a lot slicker and sexier. As for the next video, if you guys can organise the Cristal and giraffe then we have a deal! With regards to the ladies… we’ll handle that side of things. 😉

MCBN– The new Locnville album is out on contrabanned.com on virtual cd and we’re pretty stoked about it. For all of those people out there who don’t know, could you guys explain to us what a virtual cd is?

Andrew: Yes, ContraBanned.com has just launched and our full album is available exclusive to ContraBanned in the VirtualCD format, our hardcopy release is at a later stage. For the people that don’t know what the VirtualCD is, it’s the newest innovation in online music distribution. It’s a flash animated program that contains all the necessary aspects of a physical CD but on your computer in a really new age and futuristic manner. There’s also additional features in the program such as our “Sun In My Pocket” music video, our official Locnville Twitter feed etc.

MCBN– We’ve heard your tune Sun In My Pocket on the radio a couple of times and have even seen the video played on MTV and we’ve gotta admit its pretty catchy. I’ve got something in my pocket and its not the sun- any of you care to hazard a guess as to what it is?

Brian: I have an idea of what it could be… if I’m right, I’ve got the same thing!

MCBN– my phone… it was my phone.

MCBN– What is the next single that we can expect to be ripping up the airwaves?

Andrew: “6 Second Poison” baby! The next single after that will have to be a surprise. 😉

MCBN– So on just about every single flyer that we read where you guys are performing it says that you are direct descendants of Charlie Chaplin. Can either of you tell a decent joke?

Brian: Yes, we are descendants of the late and great Charlie Chaplin. Yeah, we have jokes… I’m sure everyone can tell atleast one decent joke!

MCBN– We’ve heard you perform live and you’re freaking awesome, no Milli Vanilli miming going on there. What is the most difficult thing about performing all your tunes live?

Andrew: Funny you should mention the Milli Vanilli thing… a while back we performed in a little competition and were disqualified because the judges honestly thought we were lip syncing… we took it as quite a compliment though, that’s when we just decided to go at it by ourselves! 🙂 The most difficult thing about live shows is when a sound check doesn’t go down right… you need to do a proper sound check!

MCBN– While you guys may cause many girls to go weak in the knees at the sight of you and melt away like an icecube in the Kalahari every time you drop a verse, im sure you get a fair amount of criticism from some guys out there. How do you deal with it?

Brian: Luckily we haven’t received any bad criticism yet except quite a rough comment from DJ Sibot… but I like his music anyways so c’est la vie! But we’re always open to criticism, if we feel it’s justified, we take it into consideration.

MCBN– Has anyone come up to you and asked for an autograph yet?

Andrew: Haha, yes! In fact I remember one time having a few drinks out with some friends. We got to talking about Locnville and our ‘celeb status’, they then said that they would only consider us celebrities when someone asked for a picture and an autograph… two seconds later we were approached by a group asking for exactley that! It was quite flattering…

MCBN– What do you find most attractive in a girl? (I can already see all the girls out there feverishly taking notes)

Brian: Well every girl I meet has something different that’s attractive to me. But basically, I like a girl who’s confident with herself, open to new things and at least slightly good looking! 😉

MCBN– Where can we expect to see Locnville perform this summer?

Andrew: Everywhere! We’re like the wind baby 😉 We’re launching the music video for “6 Second Poison” at Ivy League in Cape Town on Friday the 13th, got Chevelle on the 6th… just keep posted on Locnville.com and we’ll let you know!

MCBN– Being twins in Cape Town its almost inevitable that you two will eventually end up having hooked up with the same girl- is there any ever beef between you guys over girls?

Brian: No… never really any beef unless she’s a real stunner! But I’m sure we have hooked up with some of the same girls before… that’s life.

MCBN– If you could choose any artist in the entire world to collaborate with, who would it be and why?

Andrew: Probably Michael Buble’… purely because he’s such a playa! But for real, he took music that was never really accepted by the youth and did it in a way that pretty much everyone could just chill and jam to.

MCBN– Then lastly, guava or banana? (we’re obviously referring to fruit and fruit alone)

Brian: Straight up guava! But if we’re referring to fruit… definitely banana.

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  1. ayo just wana say that you really livin yo what u have worked so hard for. well im a rapper from Knysna and i would really like if u could listen to my musical content.Hit me back if u can 073 (number removed for his own benefit) ace

  2. hey you guys!! we all love ur stunning and gr8 music!! keep doin such gr8 work and plaese perform in pta. you guys are hot and i hav your cd and listen 2 it 24/7!! c u l8er and call me plaese… 076 (number withheld- we arent going to give your cell out on the internet people, really)

    thanx bye!!
    take care..

  3. nice blog 🙂 have you seen this FKN funny video of an hilarious justin bieber fan getting angry? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JX9lZEpyOvg

  4. @Hayle: OMG WTF!!! Thats that is almost obsessed… little freak!! I am definitely going to show that one off… What a wierdo!!!

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