Lockdown Level 4 Update: full capacity for hotels and when alcohol can be transported

Lockdown Level 4
Image: Unsplash

In less than two days since the first Lockdown Level 4 restrictions were officiated, the government has already gazetted an update that will impact the accommodation and hotel sector, retailers and booze exporters.

The eight-page update, published on Tuesday by minister Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, will allow hotels, bed-and-breakfasts and other accommodation establishments to use the full capacity of their premises, meaning 100% of their rooms, as long as guests and staff maintain social distancing and wear masks in shared spaces.

Similarly, the update mandates that all retail businesses, which were initially restricted to filling up to 50% of their floor space under level 4, will now again be allowed to operate at full capacity.

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The rules pertaining to the transport of alcohol have also been slightly amended. Transporting booze is still strictly prohibited except in specific circumstances like alcohol being exported, alcohol being moved as part of a process to manufacture hand sanitiser/cleaning products and recently updated, alcohol may now be transported when moved from manufacturing and storage, and when it is being transported from any licensed premises for safekeeping.

The latest update is assumed to make provisions for bottle stores and restaurants that were targets of theft during the previous alcohol bans.

Read the full Lockdown Level 4 update, right here and find more trending news, here.

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