Local producer Milan Rendall teams up with Nicol Steyn for the infectious banger called “Sweet Poison”

Milan Rendall teams up with Nicol Steyn

All words: Lu Makoboka

For many people, the inner hipster is a monster that comes alive like Frank when they hear Pop music – there’s a knee jerk reaction to instantly reject anything commercial. Although regardless of the popular appeal, there are certain songs which come along where we simply can’t deny their musical lavishness… “Sweet Poison” by Milan Rendall & Nicol Steyn is definitely one of those gems. 

The intricacy littered throughout the track is something which caught my attention initially. We’re welcomed by the slow strums of a soothing guitar though, in the background, the sound of keys gently running about appears in a subtle fashion. If you’ve placed a keen ear on the track you’ll notice this occurs throughout the verse. All in all, it was the craftsmanship behind the production which greatly lured my attention on here. Elements synonymous to Trap and Electro-Swing are neatly wrapped up and delivered to us, not just in a shape resembling Pop, “Sweet Poison” actually feels like a ballad by virtue of Nicol’s soothing vocal performance and her romance inspired lyricism. The inclusion of the trumpet can’t escape mention. Its arrival was timely too since the bridge felt like a different song. As the drums fell silent a new feel ushered in and on the other side of that, this riveting trumpet solo takes us by complete surprise.  

The music video to this track was shot by Vivek Rendall in a small town in Germany and it’s bound to summon that adventurous spirit within you. Below you’ll find the video and the link to the track via digital streaming services. 


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