Local or Import?

In a manner similar to that when one is faced with a choice of local and foreign beer at any establishment barring those named after any royalty(King Edward the 3rd Tavern)- as we get closer to the World Cup you will be increasingly met by a choice between foreign and locally made options.

South African girls, I mean beer, is fantastic. There really isnt alot better than guzzling down a refreshing draught of some homebrewed goodness- one has to remember that this particular option is likely to bring more refreshment and more reward from consumption (on a roll here). 

Then there’s option two… the import beer, I mean girls, I mean beer. I’ve decided to just pick out a few of the more interesting country-brewed brands out there, to save half an internet tree (what you havent heard of the virtual Amazon rain forest?). Firstly there’s that Bud Light stuff from the good old USA- I often find these a little bit too bubbly for my pallette… read into that what you will. 

Next there are those good old South American brewed beers- often accompanied by a golden brown colour and sumptiously delicate structure (I’m still talking about beer). Personally, a good Corona always seems to satisfy my thirst. Last but not least there’s Guinness and the not so sunny and public violence mad country that it comes from… It might just be me but I think that often Guinness is just way, too, thick.

One last word of advice before you make your choice- try not to mix countries of origin directly after each other in one night- Germany and England in the same room almost always results in a World War (still talking about beer, and war, not girls).

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  1. I love me a stella, but rick one quick question, Paulaner (excuse my spelling) in the waterfront, is there vice beer local or import??? Considering it is brewed on site?

  2. Hmm I'm not too sure about that paulaner story hey- a bit of a grey area I guess… I'm always keen for jugs. Of beer. 🙂

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