Local Cape Town Music Festival Pushes Forward Into the Digital Event Space

Cape Town-based festival brand, MixedFeelings recently launched their latest event since the postponement of their April edition featuring international headliner Roberto Surace. The brand has labelled their upcoming event as the 1st Digital Edition of the festival, featuring a full line up of all your MixedFeelings favourites. 

“The event is aimed at giving everyone involved a full paycheck and a proper engaging experience for the MixedFeelings audience. All DJs, suppliers and crew are being paid for their services “

Justin Heyman, one of the owners of the festival.  

The team say they are burning the midnight oil to ensure this Digital Edition leaves a hard impression on both their audience and on other festival brands to follow in their suit. You can expect to see a fully fuelled MixedFeelings stage, as you would at the any of their previous festivals at the renowned Hillcrest Quarry, with all the production elements and special effects the brand is known for delivering. 

“It’s imperative that the heavyweights in the industry start looking in the direction of ticketed online festivals not only to keep their own brands alive but to help the DJs and Artist who rely on us to earn a living… “

The platform they have decided to go with, X-STREAM, is a new initiative from well-known festival AV Supplier TechX, who has partnered with IT & Development company Code & Copy, to develop an online streaming platform aimed at the festival and events market. Built from the ground up, X-STREAM features a full event directory of upcoming events on the platform, a built-in ticketing system and a unique streaming portal with exclusive interactional features in aims at giving the audience an engaging experience, as if they were really there!

The lineup selection is sure to meet the needs that the MixedFeelings audience knows and loves with 2 of Cape Town heavyweights! One of the leaders in South African dance music, radio personality, recently making international grounds with his latest dance single “MEDITATE” , DAS KAPITAL is heading up the decks for the upcoming festival, which is also his 1st live streaming event since the trend started post nationwide lockdown.  Supporting him in the headline role is the all so loved MOGEY who has also been silent in the live streaming world since the trend began. The line-up is supported by all of the festival favourites, CASTO, Ikon, KiloPascal, Two-Tone and Palmo’.   

“ With events and clubs on heavy lockdown, I’m truly glad to see MixedFeelings Festival making the move to the online space. Their team consistently brings one of my favourite boutique parties in the country, so it’s an honour to be called up to play their first fully digital event. I’m looking forward to sharing the festival energy with that fantastic MixedFeelings crowd once again – this time, online “

Das Kapital

With tickets ranging between R80 – R150 (keep in mind this is per a household), be sure to check out the event out and support the brand and their DJs as they pioneer forward into the digital event space, and who knows, this may not be the last! Check out all the event details below!

Mixedfeelings DIGITAL EDITION ft DAS KAPITAL & MOGEY event link: click here
Ticket link: Click here
Date: 28/06/2020
Start and End time: 3pm – 9pm

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