Lucky Packet featuring Pascal & Pearce

GoodLuck continues their quest to provide awesome entertainment at their weekly Lucky Packet party this week with the addition of Pascal and Pearce to the December line-up. It’s going to be another crazy night of wonder, fantasy and fun.

The boys, Pascal Ellinas and Dave Pearce have emerged as South Africa’s hottest production and DJ team and have really stepped it up in the last couple of months with official remixes of some of South Africa’s biggest artistsincluding: Locnville, Goldfish, Flash Republic, Zebra & Giraffe & Goodluck. Their remixes have charted on Beatport, DMC’s Buzz Chart and on Europropaganda’s Ibiza Club Charts. They’re legends and will make sure things are going to go nuts at Trinity later tonight!

The Lucky Packet events are a spectacle. Think a life size playground for adults. A wonderland… A night of intriguing surprises!

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