Listen | Veranda Panda just dropped a brand new single – ‘Whistle Blow’

Veranda Panda - Whistle Blow (Feat: Sam Landers)


‘Whistle Blow’ is the latest release from the eccentric duo Veranda Panda aka Liam and Jane. It features the vocal talents of the exceptional Sam Landers, a fellow 031 musician and performing artist.

The song itself is described by the Panda’s as: “An autumn-induced day rave. Gin and Tonic in the right hand, making shapes with the left, falling awkwardly though house-music on the back of a full-cream bassline.”


Having just celebrated their 9th year as Durban’s favourite electronic duo, the two have notched up an impressive resume of performances and releases. They have an ever-shifting sound that maintains one undeniable constant: Originality. Their songs are just so… So Veranda Panda.

‘Whistle Blow’ is certainly no different – take a listen below.

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